Planning a women's ministry event? Check out this list of tips and ideas!

I have written dozens, if not hundreds, of posts related to women’s ministry event planning over the years.

We’ve talked about whether or not you should charge for your women’s ministry events, where you should publicize your events, creative ways to give away door prizes, how to warmly welcome guests, selecting the best theme, finding a speaker, and so much more!

I thought it might be helpful if I compiled the links to every post that relates to planning women’s ministry events in one place.

I’ll do my best to update it as new posts are written.

For those of you looking for a primer on event planning, consider enrolling in the Women’s Ministry Event Planning online course. You’ll find exclusive information (not found on the website), worksheets, and short videos that will take you step-by-step through the whole process.

To assist in your search for resources, I’ve broken the posts into the following categories:

  • Budgets
  • Childcare
  • Decorating
  • Devotionals
  • Door Prizes
  • Event Ideas
  • Food
  • Guests
  • Icebreakers
  • Name Tags
  • Planning Tips
  • Prayer
  • Publicity
  • Registration
  • Speakers
  • Surveys
  • Themes
  • Volunteers
  • Worship

Scroll down to find the section(s) you need most. 


12 Creative Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Women’s Ministry Event
Budgeting for an Event (Free Printable)
Is your event budget realistic?
Should you charge for your women’s ministry events?
What should you charge for your retreat?
What should you charge for your women’s ministry event? (Free Event Pricing Guide)


Childcare Forms
Childcare Solutions for Women’s Ministry


Decor and Favor Ideas for Your Summer Event
Decorating for Your Women’s Ministry Retreat
Excessive Decorations
Photo Booth Ideas for Your Retreat
Table Decor Ideas Part 1
Table Decor Ideas Part 2
Tablescape Inspiration
Trendy Table Decor


How to Share the Best Devotional Ever
The Best Devotional You Can Share

Door prizes, favors, and gifts

$10 (or less) Door Prize Ideas
15 Creative Ways to Give Away Door Prizes
Double-Duty Door Prize Slips
Mother’s Day Door Prize Ideas
Retreat Goodie Bags and Gifts
The Door Prize Basket
The (Door Prize) Golden Ticket
Women’s Ministry Door Prize Idea

Event Ideas

10 Sweetheart Banquet Ideas
10 Tips for Your Christmas Coffee or Fellowship
30 Summer Fellowship Ideas
31 Christmas Fellowship Ideas
60 Service Project Ideas
101 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas
Eight Planning Teams You Need for Your Table Event
Fellowship Idea: Coffee, Cake, and Comedy Night
Fellowship Idea: Comfort Food
Fellowship Idea: Guess who’s coming to dinner!
Fellowship Idea: Workshops!
Five Great Reasons to Host a Christian Comedy Event
Homeless Event: Rachel’s Story & Care Packages
How to Host a Bible Journaling Event
How to Host a Memorable Movie Night
How to Host an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party
How to Plan a DIY Spa Event
Last Minute Christmas Fellowship Ideas
Mother’s Day Tea Ideas
Mission Project: Operation Sandwich
Speaking to Sparrows
Table Event: Hostess Responsibilities


Addressing Diets & Food Allergies
Eight Food Bar Ideas
Fellowship Food Fix
Serve Food Faster at Your Next Women’s Ministry Event
Take the mystery out of your next potluck!
Transform Your Coffee Station
What will you eat on your retreat?


9 Secrets to Making Guests Feel Welcome
12 Ways Women’s Ministry Teams Can Warmly Welcome Guests
How to Alienate Visitors
What the New Girl Needs


10 Things Icebreakers Should Not Do
How to Determine the Best Icebreaker for Your Event
Icebreakers & Games List
Why Women’s Ministry Events Need Great Icebreakers

Name Tags

Creative Uses for Name Tags
Do we have to wear name tags?
Name Tag Tips for Your Retreat
Why Name Tags are Important

Planning Tips

3 Keys to Planning a Successful Women’s Ministry Event
10 Reasons to Host a Summer Women’s Ministry Event
10 Reasons to Host a Women’s Ministry Event in January
10 Things to Do After an Event
10 Things You Can Do to Reach Younger Women in Your Church and Community
Before Your Next Event
Don’t get caught up in the numbers!
Hosting Fellowships with Purpose
How to Know If it’s Time to Let Go of a Women’s Ministry Tradition
How to Pick the Best Date for Your Women’s Ministry Event
How to Tackle Taboo Topics
Is your ministry button stuck on repeat?
Not enough bathrooms!
The One Thing You Must Never Do


5 Ways to Pray for Your Retreat (Free Printable)
8 Ways to Ramp Up Prayer Before Your Event
Prayer: Direct vs. Bless
Setting Up a Prayer Room for Your Retreat


13 Ways to Publicize Your Event Inside Your Church
13 More Ways You Can Publicize Events Inside Your Church
25 Ways to Publicize Events Outside Your Church Walls
How to Create Social Media Graphics
How to Create a Social Media Plan
How to Schedule Social Media Posts
Publicity Checklist
Publicity Form (Free Printable)
Publicity Secret for Your Women’s Ministry


Creating Registration Forms
How to Get Women to RSVP
How to Get Women to Show Up
Should you cancel?         
Why Women Aren’t Coming to Your Women’s Ministry Events
Why Your Women Need Save-the-Date Cards


10 Benefits of Using an In-House Speaker for Your Women’s Ministry Event
11 Benefits of Using a Professional Speaker for Your Women’s Ministry Event
How to Find a Speaker
How long should your speaker speak?
How to Select and Book the Best Speaker for Your Women’s Ministry Event
Questions for Potential Speakers
What Your Speaker Needs to Know


Evaluating Your Retreat
Post Event Evaluation Form (Free Printable)
Seven Super Survey Questions
The Most Revealing Question You Can Ask After an Event
Women’s Ministry Surveys: Online vs. Printed


The Best Women’s Ministry Theme Ever
How to Pick a Retreat Theme
How to Select Your Verse & Women’s Ministry Theme for the Year
Women’s Ministry Themes


Simple Sign-Up Form


Choosing Worship Music
Worship Ideas for Your Retreat

Have other questions that I haven’t answered here? Be sure to let me know and I’ll do my best to address them in a future post!

May God bless the plans of your team and each woman who attends!