10 Reasons to Host a Women's Ministry Event in January

Many Women’s Ministry Teams miss the opportunity to love on and encourage their women by opting out of January events.

I, however, believe that January is one of the very best months for hosting a Women’s Ministry event!

10 reasons you should host a women’s minisry event in January:

1. You’ll have very little competition with other church events/activities (most ministries take a post-Christmas break).

2. Many women are experiencing post-holiday blues and would love an excuse to get out and have some fun!

3. Young (and not so young) moms are often getting a small break from busy schedules (spring sports haven’t ramped back up yet).

4. March Madness (NCAA basketball tournaments) has yet to start. Depending on where you live that can bring on some fierce competition.

5. It’s the perfect month for hot chocolate bars and snow-themed décor (wait til February and you’ve pretty much got to go with Valentine’s Day).

6. Unlike December, there are few holidays to plan around. Keep in mind some school systems take a long weekend in mid-January around Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

7. Many churches wait until after Super Bowl Sunday to start up their next sessions of Bible studies leaving that time slot open for events.

8. You’re not competing with warm spring weather.

9. Women always need to hear about Jesus.

10. Hearts are often warm and receptive to the gospel after celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Keep it simple and fill it with warmth.

Consider a comedy night, Soup Swap, or fleece blanket service project.

You’ll notice I didn’t suggest any “New Year’s Resolution” themed ideas. Resolutions often fizzle come February and we want to encourage our women to make lasting changes as they seek to become more like Christ.

May God use your women’s ministry event in January to bless your women and warm their hearts!


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