25 Ways to Publicize Events Outside Your Church Walls

Not every event necessitates publicity outside of your church community.

When it comes to reaching those beyond our church walls we sometimes struggle with how to get the word out.

What are some effective ways to share our event within our neighborhood and communities?

Today I’ve got 25 ideas for publicizing events outside your church walls. And many of them are free or inexpensive.

You know you need to publicize your event outside your church walls when:

  • A big name speaker is coming for your conference.
  • The event is outreach focused.
  • You’re looking to connect with other women in your community.

It’s not likely that you’ll need all 25 ideas. Ask God to highlight those He wants you to use!

25 Ways to Publicize Events Outside Your Church Walls

1. Online community event calendars – Submit your event online to local TV and radio stations, newspapers, and parenting magazines. Google to find local community event calendars.

2. Tear-off flyers placed on community boards at the grocery store, Panera, Starbucks, etc.

3. Distribute flyers through your church preschool.

4. Send Facebook invites to friends, neighbors, and family outside of your church.

5. Twitter

6. Large outdoor banners placed near the road for drivers to see.

7. Door hangers

8. Postcard mailings to your church zipcode/new move-ins.

9. Send invitations and flyers to other local churches (great for big-name speakers).

10. Set up a booth at a local fair (distribute water, provide a nursing station for moms).

11. Radio ads – check to see if your local Christian station will air an ad or announcement for free.

12. Newspaper announcements -See if your newspaper has a weekly religious announcement section.

Get the word out - put an ad in the newspaper.

13. Newspaper ads (if your budget allows)

14. Local community magazines

15. Local community newspapers

16. TV interviews (local morning or mid-day show)

17. Postcards at local businesses (tap into your church membership, see if they’ll put a stack of cards out at their register).

18. Neighborhood newsletters

19. Neighborhood email lists and Facebook pages.

20. Yard signs at member’s homes and on busy street corners (if allowed).

21. Denominational newsletters (see if your convention or local affiliation will share your event).

22. Posters in store windows of local businesses.

23. Church website

24. Church calendar

25. Contact past attendees and invite them back (especially for similar or same events).

You can click the printer button at the bottom of the post to print this out to stick inside your women’s ministry binder.

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Your turn to share: What other tools do you use to publicize events in your community?

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