10 Sweetheart Banquet Ideas

Many churches host Sweetheart Banquets or Couples Dinners in February.

Often times the event planning falls to the Women’s Ministry team.

With annual events it’s easy to get into a rut planning the same thing year after year.

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Freshen up your event with one of 10 sweetheart banquet ideas below:
  1. Host a staged edition of the Not So Newlywed Game
  2. Invite a couple from church to share a short devotional/inspirational message
  3. Seek out a speaker with a message on marriage (many authors are available if your budget allows)
  4. Host dinner and a movie (Fireproof or Courageous would be great to show)
  5. Enlist your youth to host a dinner theater
  6. Serve a catered dinner and provide childcare
  7. Show a comedy DVD (I recommend Kevin Davis – save female comedians for all-women events)
  8. Enlist a couple or two to perform a comedy skit
  9. Get some women/guys to sing (or lip-sync) some classic love songs wearing  crazy (or not) costumes
  10. Play a matching game with wedding photos of the couples in attendance

What other ideas do you have for a Sweetheart Banquet?

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