So you’ve narrowed down possible speakers for your next event and it’s time to give them a call and get some more information.

Did your mind just go blank? Not sure what to ask? Afraid you’ll leave something important out and have to call them back (ugh!)?

I’ve got your back – here’s a list to get you started.

Do me a favor and comment if you have other questions we should add to the list. Let’s help each other out!

Interview Questions for Potential Speakers


How long have you been a speaker?

How many events do you typically speak at each year?

Do you have any videos online I can preview?

Request at least two references. (Call and ask “Would you hire them again?”)


Do you have a speaking contract I can preview?

What is the process for booking, should our team choose to move forward?

Will you need a deposit? If so, for how much?

Do you have an assistant that travels with you? (Make sure any charges are noted in the contract, separate room, etc.)

Can you hold the date for our group and, if so, for how long?


What can our women expect? (You’re aiming for a picture of what their presentation typically looks like – video, interactive, drama, music, number and length of sessions, humor, etc.)

Do you customize your presentation for your audience?

Do you present the plan of salvation/altar call/time of response?

Do you use videos or slides?

May we record you (audio, video, both)?

Can we distribute the recording to attendees and/or those who were unable to attend?


Will you be distributing handouts? Will we need to make those copies for you?

What publicity materials (posters, videos, slides, etc.) will you supply? (Make sure there is no charge – but expect one if there is a large amount of editing to be done.)

What technical and audio needs will you have? (Find out what kind of microphone they prefer.)

What do you need on the stage? (small table, podium, barstool for sitting)

How and when will you be arriving?

Will you be eating lunch/dinner? Do you have any dietary restrictions?

What other needs will you have? (Do you need a table for selling books? A practice room with a piano?)


How can we be praying for you?

Before you pick up that phone to call and ask the questions above, spend some time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to shed light on any concerns.

You may need to speak with several speakers before finding the right fit for your women.

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