Fellowship Idea Coffee, Cake, and Comedy

Looking for a fun, easy, and successful Women’s Ministry fellowship idea?

Our Coffee, Cake, and Comedy Night was a BIG hit with the women at my previous church – so much so that it became an annual event.

We usually hosted this fellowship event in January. Laughter can bring healing to those post-holiday blues. It’s also a great month for a fellowship because you have few other activities/events to compete with.

Here are a few tips on hosting your own Coffee, Cake, and Comedy Night.

1. Serve fancy liquid creamers and/or fancy coffee. Make iced coffees if it’s hot outside. Insulated cups with lids are a nice touch too. Don’t forget water and maybe even some milk for those non-coffee drinkers.

2. Serve some delicious cakes. Consider ordering them from Sam’s Club (they have some fabulous cakes that will serve 16-20 people easily) or opt for the local bakery. You could also recruit women in your church to bake/bring the cakes – guaranteeing they’ll be in attendance.

3. If numbers allow, have dessert and the DVD in the same room. We sat at round tables allowing for sipping and snacking during the show.

4. Preview the comedy DVD and edit if necessary. I would make all efforts to keep the DVD no longer than  1 1/2 hours. An hour is actually ideal. Fill the rest of your time with food and fellowship. Leave them wanting more, not wishing it would end!

5. Be sensitive to the comfort levels of others as you choose your DVD – some suggestions include Chonda Pierce, Anita Renfroe, Tim Hawkins, Ken Davis, and Dennis Swanberg. Steer clear from intimate topics. It’s better to be cautious than offend! And make sure it’s funny!!

6. Keep your décor minimal and low (especially if you’ll sit and watch at the same tables). Let the cakes take center stage – remember you’re going to be in the dark at least half of the event.

7. Expect the laughter to grow. Christian comedy may be a new experience for many of your women. Give the time to warm up to it! Keep some Kleenex handy for those that will laugh so hard they’ll cry.

If you’re looking for more Women’s Ministry fellowship ideas, be sure to check out my list of 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas.

Let us know if you try it and how it goes!

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