Trendy Table Decor Ideas - Simple, understated elegance.

Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer at a fundraising banquet for a local pregnancy center in Mooresville, NC.

Creating a beautiful event for close to 450 people on a budget is no small challenge.

Their team did a fabulous job with the décor and I snapped a few photos so I could share it with you.

It was simple with an understated elegance.

A few of my favorite features:

  • Burlap squares were draped over sections of each table.
  • Inexpensive carnations and baby’s breath were placed in tall, clear vases accented with burlap and a little ribbon.
  • Lanterns with candles were sprinkled throughout. One on every table would have been too much.
  • Table numbers were displayed on both chalkboard paper tents and placed in chunky colored frames.

Most of the items, with the exception of the flowers, could be used again at future events.

Take note of what isn’t there – no elaborate stage décor, no chair covers, nothing hanging from the ceiling or the walls…

Creating a stage that coordinates without distracting.

The mixing and matching of items created uniformity and interest. It reminded me of previous thoughts I posted on “thread vs. theme”.

Whether you take one idea and make it your own or recreate the entire décor, I hope you’ll be inspired!

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