Do you pray at the beginning of your Women’s Ministry Team meetings?

Or do you wait until the end and ask God to bless your plans?

There’s a HUGE difference between asking God to direct and asking God to bless.

1. God takes the lead.

2. You’re willing to do/go where God takes you.

3. The destination is often a surprise (to you, not to God).


1. You/team take the lead, God comes in on the backend of the planning.

2. Your team/list/etc. “drives” the decision/event.

3.  You’ve already decided where to go.

Can God bless and use us in both situations and circumstances? Absolutely!

However, I’d much rather go, be, and do what God desires than my own flesh.

Years ago I was planning with our team the destination and date of our annual Fall Retreat. I had spent hours and hours over several weeks researching every imaginable venue in a 4 hour radius. I had felt God leading us to go somewhere new (almost every year we went to the beach). Someone suggested I check with The Cove (Billy Graham’s Training Center in Asheville, NC). I almost laughed out loud. There was no way that would be in our budget and I sure we’d have to book it at least a year in advance. I made the initial contact certain there was no way this was going to work out.

God’s plans were better and greater than mine.

A previously scheduled seminar had been cancelled for the weekend our retreat was always held. The cost was just slightly more than our regular registration fee. About 80 women joined us for a God-ordained weekend. It was incredibly special and sweet and WAY outside of my planning comfort zone.

God provided in a mighty way all because we asked Him where we should go.

If you’re not praying at the very beginning of your meeting, I encourage you to make that change going forward.

Challenge your team (and yourself) to be actively seeking God’s will and direction above your own.

The end result of His visible fingerprints on your event will encourage your women and your team!

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