Don't get caught up in the numbers!

At some point you are going to host an event that far exceeds your attendance expectations.

You’re also just as likely to host an event that doesn’t come even close to meeting your team’s expectations…

Our second year of MOPS brought about many changes and a decrease in the number of moms attending. I struggled with feelings of failure…My heart wanted to reach as many moms as we could!

I am forever thankful that our MOPS mentor taught me not to get caught up in the numbers.

She encouraged me to remember that God will do anything for just one.

Anything for just one.

Just this last week my reading brought me to the parable of the lost sheep (see Luke 15:3-7).  It is such a sweet reminder that God will go after just one.

God had sent every single one of those moms that fall.

Whether He sent 15 or 55 moms, it was our task to serve and love on them as best we could.

I do believe that sometimes our events are just for one.

One sweet soul that Jesus wants to reach.

God will do anything for just one.

It’s why every month I would drag my scrapbooking supplies to the church for our monthly crop and would pray even one would show up. And if it was just one then we got the chance to know each other better. And if no one showed I chose not to be disappointed.

Please don’t ever cancel an event God has called you to host if the attendance appears it will be less than desirable.

Embrace the intimacy of a smaller group and love on those that have come. Trust that God has sent each one.

Be careful never to apologize for the lack of attendance. Each one there is worth the effort and you don’t ever want them to feel otherwise.

Our hearts want to reach as many as we can, but sometimes God’s plan for that moment is to reach just a few.

Your turn to share: Have you ever gotten caught up in the numbers?

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