Don't forget to complete this 10 important tasks after an event. There's still work to be done!

We returned home from the 2019 Gather and Glean Women’s Ministry Leader Retreat just over a week ago.

There’s still a pile of materials that need to be put away.

 I feel stuck in re-entry and recovery mode.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by all that there is to do even though the event is over.

While it can be tempting to lounge on the couch and binge-watch HGTV, I know its best that I work through my list of things to do after an event.

10 Things to Do After an Event

1. Survey the Attendees

I admit, while I wanted to create the survey before we drove to Alabama, there just wasn’t time.

Knowing how fast the details fade, I want to capture input from our attendees as soon as possible.

Creating and sending out the survey is one of the very first things I tackled upon our return. I used a template in Survey Monkey (paid version) as well as some of my Seven Super Survey Questions.

In less than a week I’ve gotten a 50% response – I’m thrilled!

2. Post Photos

I tried to do a little of this each night of the retreat before heading to bed, but it’s challenging in the middle of an event (consider delegating this task).

Post photos and videos on your various social media channels and encourage your attendees to share theirs as well. Create a hashtag so everyone can easily find the posts.

3. Rest

I am usually up late and up early during an event as I review my speaking notes. Sleeping in a strange place doesn’t help either.

Getting some much-needed sleep is vital for my health and attitude, so I try not to schedule any early morning appointments upon my return.

4. Go to the Grocery Store

Yes, this one is completely practical and not related to the event!

I’m guessing you didn’t fill your fridge before you left because you were so busy prepping.

I know when I travel, I eat a lot more processed and junk foods than I usually do. A trip to the store for fresh fruits and veggies is a necessity.

5. Celebrate!

Take the time to celebrate what God has done!

Write down how you saw God work. Collect testimonials from your attendees.

It can be tempting to put this step off, but I’ve found the details fade quickly from my mind if I don’t make notes!

6. Send Thank You Notes

Send hand-written thank you notes to your volunteers, planning team, and donors. I try to complete this task within a week of returning, but sometimes it slides into week 2.

Use social media to give a shout-out to your speakers, worship team, sponsors, and donors too!

7. Follow Up

Follow up on prayer requests, special needs, and make connections with your women. 

Women often flounder when returning home from a retreat or conference. They return home “on fire,” but when those flames aren’t fanned, they are quickly extinguished.

Encourage your group leaders to host a meet-up with their discussion group soon after returning home.

Check-in on those women who experienced a significant breakthrough.

8. Put Supplies Away

I admit this is the one that I’m most likely to do last.

Boxes in the hallway don’t bother me, but I know they can be a nuisance.

9. Review the Survey Results

Meet with your planning team to review the results from the survey.

I encourage you to complete a Post Event Evaluation Form.

Make notes of the things you’d repeat and the things you’d tweak. What lessons did you learn?

10. Record Expenses

This is my least favorite task, but it’s critical. Settle any outstanding expenses. Record and tally all receipts.

Even if you break even, these records can be incredibly helpful for future planning teams and if the church staff has any questions.

I’m still in reflection mode, taking note of what things worked well and what things we could have done differently or better.

I’m in awe of all the ways in which God blessed our time together and I am forever grateful for every leader that attended.

Please enjoy the video below that offers a glimpse of our time together.


May God bless your next event and give you energy and discernment as your process afterward.

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