5 Ways to Transform Your Coffee Station from Boring to Extraordinary

It’s time to transform your coffee station from boring to extraordinary!

I’ll show you just how simple it is.

I’m guessing coffee is a fixture at most of your women’s ministry events. 

It’s expected at most morning Bible studies.

It’s prepped in big pots to wake up your MOPS mommas.

It probably goes without saying that most of your women find a good cup of coffee a treat.

Coffee is not necessary, but it is most appreciated.

Here are 5 ideas to take your coffee station from ho-hum to extra-special

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1. Creamer matters

Budget for a couple of flavors of liquid coffee creamer – big bottles are best but the shelf-stable little creamers are good too. French Vanilla is almost always a hit. Consider adding a seasonal flavor during the holidays.

2. Pretty serving pots

Our team invested in a 60-cup pot like this Hamilton Beach 60-Cup Coffee Urn. They look so nice you don’t feel like you need to hide them in the kitchen! Consider two – one for hot water for tea, cocoa, or hot cider and use the other exclusively for coffee.

3. To-go cups

Styrofoam travel cups like these Dixie Paper Cups and Lids are a big hit. Lids prevent spills and allow women to take a second cup of joe with them as they leave.

4. Stirrers

They are dirt cheap. Set them out in a pretty cup, basket, or small pot.

5. An array of sugar packets

Many of your women are particular about their sugar substitutes. Your women will love if you have their favorite brand – I suggest stocking Sugar, Splenda, Truvia, and Sweet ‘N Low.

If you have the budget, you might want to get the Mind Reader “Organizer” Coffee Condiment Caddy to make it easier to set up your coffee station each time.

If your event is in the afternoon or evening, one pot of regular and another of decaf is always nice. The later the event, the more decaf and less regular you’ll need.

Your turn to share: Do your women expect and enjoy coffee at your Women’s Ministry events?

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