Name Tag Tips (for your retreat)

Name tags are a must for every women’s ministry event.

Retreats are no exception!

Today I’m going to share:

  1. What types of name tags are best for you to use on your retreat
  2. What you should put on your name tags
  3. Additional uses for your name tags

What types of name tags are best?

You want to give your women a name tag that can be used for the duration of your retreat.

I recommend purchasing either clip on name tags like those below or putting the name tags on a lanyard. (Affiliate links below)

There’s nothing wrong with collecting the name tags at the end of your retreat to re-use at your next event.

What should/could you put on your retreat name tags?

  1. First and last name. The font needs to be big and easy-to-read. The last name can be in a smaller font.
  2. Small graphic or logo for your theme.
  3. Discussion group name (if they will be in the same group all weekend)
  4. Box lunch choice (small and in the corner)

Additional uses for your retreat name tags:

  1. If you have meal cards, suggest your ladies store them behind their name tag in the plastic pouch.
  2. Put the name of their workshop option(s) on the backside of their name tag
  3. Creatively use your name tags to divide your women into groups for discussion or icebreakers. Vary the color of lanyards, vary the graphics, or place a sticker on the back on the name tag.

Name tags aren’t just practical; name tags are another way we can communicate that we care.

Before you put time and energy into creating name tags, make certain your retreat location doesn’t provide them for you!

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