Publicity has the potential to make or break your event.

Too little publicity and no one knows to come.

Missing information in your publicity leads to confusion.

We’ve made a lot of publicity makes over the years:
  • Forgot to list the location
  • Failed to mention it was a women’s event and had men show up
  • Released the publicity information too late
  • Information wasn’t clearly communicated to church staff
  • Retired logos were used
  • We overlooked part of our target audience

Can you relate? Perhaps your team has had a few publicity mishaps too.

How do you make sure you and your team members present all the necessary information in all the appropriate places?

You need a uniform checklist or form that covers all the nitty gritty details. Something your team members can easily refer to every time they are working on publicity for an event.

You may even want to go over that publicity form during your team meeting to make sure all the bases are being covered.

A great exercise for your team to do would be to list out all of the places and ways you can publicize events.

Here’s the list I came up with for our current church:
  1. Sunday Bulletin
  2. Special Bulletin Insert
  3. Church Newsletter
  4. Church Facebook Page
  5. Church Website
  6. Mailer
  7. Email
  8. Sunday Morning Power Point
  9. Flyer Bathroom Stalls/Bulletin Boards
  10. Sunday School Announcements
  11. Newspapers
  12. Radio Stations
  13. Social Media (Twitter, Instagram)
  14. Other

Next, have your team list out what needs to be included in each piece of publicity.

Here’s our list of critical event information:
  1. Event Name
  2. Event Date
  3. Event Day
  4. Event Time (start and end)
  5. Cost
  6. Location
  7. What Participants Need to Bring
  8. Event Contact Person (name, number, and email)
  9. Registration Information (how and when)
  10. Childcare Information
  11. Hook or Tagline
  12. Logo Needed (ministry, church, event)
  13. Graphic(s) Needed
  14. Date to Begin Publicity
  15. Main Text for Publicity

I’ve pulled all of the above information together to create a Publicity Form.

You are welcome to take it and use it as is, or tweak it for your specific needs.

To download the free PDF file click the link below:

Women’s Ministry Publicity Form

Your church may already have a publicity form and procedure in place. If that’s the case, consider taking the time to do remind your team how to complete that form. It’s quite possible some of your newer women’s ministry team members may not be in the loop!

Embrace the opportunity to train your team to do publicity well.

When your women know what’s happening they’re more likely to show up!

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