Seven Super Survey Questions for your Women's Ministry event.

It is extremely beneficial to gather feedback after a Women’s Ministry event.

While I highly recommend having your team complete a Post Event Evaluation Form after each event, having your attendees complete a survey also provide a valuable perspective.

Distributing and collecting surveys at an event creates a couple of issues:

  1. Instead of listening to the speaker, women are filling out their surveys.
  2. The event hasn’t actually ended before the surveys need to be submitted.

This past spring we decided to try something a little different.

We sent out a link to a SurveyMonkey survey after the event (if you collect emails at registration, this can be super easy to implement).

We asked the women to rate these seven things:

1. Topic

2. Location

3. Speaker

4. Worship

5. Food

6. Schedule/Time

7. Overall Event

They were to rate each as:

  • Did not meet expectations
  • Met expectations
  • Exceeded expectations

We also included a space for comments for after each category rating.

We let them know in our post event email that they’d only need about 5 minutes to complete the survey.

We received comments for every category – most of which were very encouraging and a blessing to share with the team.

The seven survey questions we used are applicable for almost any event.

Please feel free to use it “as is” or tweak as needed.

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