8 Ways to Ramp Up Prayer Before Your Next Event

Last week we talked about how we spend our time prepping for events.

A quick tally of the hours we spend shopping, decorating, registering, etc. and it appears that most of us are likely lacking in our prayer preparation.

Big events such as retreats, conferences, workshops, and table events need extra prayers for protection.

The bigger the reach (spiritually and in number) the greater threat we are.

Here are 8 ways to add focused prayer to your next big event:
Please note, I am not suggesting you do all 8! Ask God to show you what you need to do.

1. Recruit a Prayer Coordinator and a Prayer Team

2. Prayer Walk your location (open it up for all church members to attend)

3. Create a Prayer Calendar (weekly or daily)

4. Spend time in prayer with your speaker

5. Hold prayer meetings specifically for your event (no other women’s ministry business allowed)

6. Create a Prayer Guide with devotionals, scripture, and focused prayer prompts

7. Send a prayer guide to your attendees for them to use prior to the event

8. Divide up the names of the attendees and have your team members pray for them by name

We must intentionally ramp up our prayer efforts to thwart the enemy.

We must intentionally ramp up our prayer efforts to thwart the enemy.

Your turn to share: How does your team pray before a big event?

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