In my post “Why Name Tags are Important”, I strongly suggest using name tags at every women’s ministry event.

While name tags can be as simple as a white sticker or those “hello my name is” badges, I encourage you to get creative.

Creative uses for name tags include:
  • Décor – Carry the theme of the event onto your name tags.
  • Door prizes – Place a sticker or colored dot on the back side of the name tags and ask the women to take a look during the event to see if they’ve won.
  • Food assignments – If you ordered box lunches, make a note as to which kind of sandwich each attendee ordered. Plastic name tags are also great for holding meal tickets.
  • Icebreakers – Need groups of women for your icebreaker game? Color code the name tags with markers, circle stickers, or themed stickers (look in the scrapbook or school supply section to find multiple stickers that are the same/themed).
  • Note team members – Highlight the members of your event/retreat teams so that others can find them easily if they have a need or question.
  • Room numbers – Note their hotel room numbers on the backside (for safety purposes).
  • Workshop assignments – List room numbers and/or class assignments on the backside or insert a second piece of cardstock inside the plastic holder.

Let me leave you with a few words of caution. Don’t overcrowd your name tags.

Less is more. Use a large, bold font so names can be read easily at a distance.

If possible, use plastic clip-on name tags (collect them to reuse if your budget is tight) so clothing items aren’t damaged.

Always make sure you have a few blank tags on hand (women who can’t attend last minute may send someone in their place or the printer might have a mishap).

I’d love to hear the creative ways you’ve found to use name tags. Leave me a comment!

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