Fellowship Food Fix

Food costs can quickly sink your Women’s Ministry budget for an event.

I know a team that grew tired of making food for every event so they decided to add a line to their budget.

They budgeted around $125 for food from Sam’s Club.

Which is okay. Except this was for a gathering of only about 25 women.

Ya’all that’s at least $5 per person for snacks.

For most of our budgets that’s too much…

My heart sinks thinking about how half that money (really, more) could have been used to buy supplies for a Mission Project or some other cause…

Asking your own women to bring food does two things:

  1. It encourages them to come to the event. Chances are they won’t come alone, either. They’ll ask a friend to meet them there.
  2. It gives your women the opportunity to serve one another.

Food provides an invitation and opportunity for women to serve one another. More thoughts on Fellowship Food Fix at Women's Ministry Toolbox.

Why you should ask your women to bring food:

  1. They have great recipes to share! Aunt Ida’s apple pie. Mama’s famous cheese ball. Women will be begging for the recipes and lavishing them with compliments.
  2. There is a group of women at your church that would love the excuse to try a new recipe – you can thank Pinterest!
  3. There are women who would love an opportunity to cook for someone else. Not everyone has someone to cook for and not everyone’s efforts are appreciated at home.
  4. It will decrease your clean-up and set-up time when you use the plates and serving dishes the women bring.

That being said, some women would stay home if you required them to bring a dish.

You need to build a Food Team.

My 2-in-1 Door Prize/Volunteer Form is the easiest way I know to build volunteer teams.

You will also need to recruit a Food Team Leader. Your Food Team Leader will be responsible for calling the needed number of women 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • Ask your women to bring something sweet, salty, or healthy.
  • No need to take notes or pass a sign-up sheet – it almost always works itself out and if there’s two of something it really isn’t a big deal.
  • Set the gentle expectation that these women will stay for the event. I.E. “We’re having a Fellowship next Friday night, could you come and bring a snack?”
  • Spread out the work and only ask each woman to help 2-3 times per year if possible. Keep track on a spreadsheet.

When your women bring food to your fellowships you get a great variety, give women the opportunity to serve, and keep your expenses to a minimum.

How do you handle food for your fellowships?

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