3 Keys to Planning a Successful Women's Ministry Event

Planning a women’s ministry event can be an overwhelming task.

There are so many moving parts.

Sadly, no amount of planning guarantees a great turnout.

However, when we include these three keys to a successful women’s ministry event we can be certain we’ve done our best and we can trust God with the rest.

Event Planning Key #1 – Purpose

Every women’s ministry event should have a defined purpose. We can’t hit the target if we don’t know what we’re aiming at.

Your event’s purpose needs to align with your women’s ministry team mission statement and your church’s mission statement.

Just because it’s a great idea or it would be a lot of fun doesn’t mean your team should do it.

While it’s certainly okay for an event’s purpose to be fellowship, that doesn’t mean we omit a teaching moment or a testimony. Our events must ultimately point women to Christ/God. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in how someone spends eternity!

Ask yourself and your team:
  • What is the purpose of this event idea?
  • How does this event support our women’s ministry mission statement?
  • How does this event support the mission of our church?
  • How will this event point women to Christ/God?

And don’t buy into that lie that you’ll scare off your guests. Women have come to a church event. Don’t have them leave thinking they didn’t.

Event Planning Key #2 – Prayer

Prayer is an essential piece of event planning.

Not only do we want to pray for the details of our event and the attendees, but we should pray about what the event should be.

I’ll never forget learning the difference between praying for direction and praying for God’s blessing. (You can read about that here.) He knows what your women need. He knows what is best for your church and community. Lay your ideas at His feet and be open to the direction He gives you.

Every team planning meeting should include a time of group prayer – for the details, for the message, for the speaker, for the hearts of the women that will attend, for protection of the event, etc.

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How much time have you spent praying for your event?

Event Planning Key #3 – Publicity

We like to believe that often-quoted line from the movie The Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come,” but the truth is, they can’t come if they don’t know about it!

Getting the word out isn’t easy. It seems there is always at least one woman, who despite our team’s efforts “never heard about the event”.

You need to cast your net wide.

Utilize every means possible to get the word out – social media, church bulletins, signs in the bathroom stalls, and email lists. Get creative!

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While there’s no guarantee God will fill every chair you’ve set up, He’s intentionally brought every woman in attendance to your event for a purpose. Give them your best.

May God direct your steps and bless your event plans!

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