Do we have to wear name tags

Name tags – you either love them or you hate them!

Often a group reaches a point and wonders, is it safe to put away the name tags?

We all know each other, right?

I was once a part of a Bible study that for weeks had faithfully set out name tags at each meeting. (Yes!!) Then one week, without warning, they just disappeared.

I’m sure the coordinator thought that by then we were all familiar with each other. Since we were closer to the end than the beginning of a longer Bible study, she also knew we weren’t likely to add any new women to the group.

Had I been the coordinator, I probably would have done the same thing.

What she doesn’t know…

As we were chatting one week or so later, one of the women in our study admitted that she was really struggling to remember some of the names of the others in our group. She had missed about 3 weeks of our study and was so glad to be back. She wished we were still using our name tags.  Truth be told, I was wishing she was wearing a name tag as I struggling to remember her name.

I love when God uses someone or something to change our perspective.

Would you believe God brought to mind 11 reasons that we should keep our name tags on?!

Why you shouldn’t put those name tags away?

1. Absences. Name tags are a huge help to the woman who’s been absent.

2. MIA members. The rest of the group often forgets the name of those who’ve had several absences.

3. Brain fog. It strikes all of us at times.

4. Almost remembering. It saves a woman from the embarrassment of calling someone by the wrong name. Sally…um…Susan?

5. Prayer requests. Requests can more easily be noted when you know the name of the person sharing.

6. Visitors. Pastors, women’s ministry directors, and other staff members may stop by your group or room. Name tags give them the opportunity to learn names and scout potential leaders.

7. New faces. You should be adding to your group on a regular basis. Expect God to send new women and be ready when they show up! It’s really awkward for your visitor if you pull out name tags AFTER they arrive.

8. Childcare. It’s much easier for your childcare director to find Timmy’s mom, when she has on a name tag.

9. Women from other churches and your community. You may regularly have women from other churches and from your community attend your Bible studies or events. Help them become acquainted by providing name tags.

10. Emergency situations. Our BSF group (Bible Study Fellowship) placed the emergency contact information on the back of every name tag. With 300 women in attendance something was bound to happen. I know of an instance where a woman collapsed during our BSF time. The leadership team was able to quickly call her husband after calling 911.

11. Room numbers. If you’ve got a really big group and they are meeting in many different rooms weekly, it can be very helpful to put their room location on their name tags.

Just because you know the names of the women in the room, does not mean everyone else does

We need to remember, just because we know the names of the women in the room, that does not mean everyone else does.

You can invest in a supply of name tag stickers or purchase plastic name badges (that women can keep and bring back each week or that can be left for the next meeting).

In BSF the group leaders were responsible for making the name tags for our group. We were reminded by our teaching leader that it was not a competition and to keep it simple. The leadership team provided the plastic sleeve and we printed out the names on colorful scrapbook paper. The different scrapbook papers made it easy for the leaders and the group members to spot each other.

Whatever type of name tag you choose, know that your women need and appreciate them!

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