These 8 steps will help you launch your next Bible study session well!

Taking the time to think through and plan the launch of your next Bible study session will bless both your team and your participants.

When we’re organized and intentional, the whole process runs smoother!

Let’s walk together through the steps you’ll want to take to launch your next Bible study session!

8 Steps to a Successful Bible Study Launch

1. Determine your session length

Many women’s ministry teams divide their Bible study offerings into three or four sessions – fall, winter, spring, and summer. Some teams offer one continuous study during the school year and offer summer book clubs or Bible study books during the summer months. Calculate the number of weeks you’ll need to fill – don’t forget to take into account holidays and school breaks.

2. Decide who will make the Bible study selection

Who will decide what study or book is used? Will the facilitator of the small group make the selection? Has your Pastor recommended a study for your group? Do you want to assemble a Bible Study Review Team? Are you going to ask current or past Bible study attendees to vote? Does your Women’s Ministry Director or Bible Study Coordinator have a vision for this year’s study?

3. Narrow your list of possible Bible studies

In addition to the 66 books of the Bible, there are thousands of Bible study book options to consider. It can be overwhelming! My How to Select a Bible Study mini-course (it’s also part of the Bible Study Facilitator Course) can help you determine what would be best for your group of women. If you’re looking for suggestions, I’ve got lots!

6 Bible Study Book Recommendations

Please note affiliate links follow, you will not pay a penny more, however, I may receive a small commission which helps to cover the costs of this site.

  1. READ Bible Study for Groups – Check this out if you’re looking to teach your women how to read and study God’s Word. Weekly worksheets guide women through the Bible one (or two) chapters each week, allowing them to soak in God’s Word. Discussion groups allow women to share and learn from one another.
  2. Lies Women Believe – This study by Nancy DeMoss Woldgemuth was recently updated and expanded to include the impact social media has on the lies our women believe. You can read my review here.
  3. Release – This six-week study by Jen Allee can help your women find experience freedom in their walk with Christ. You can read my review here.
  4. Just Open the Door – More the just another book on hospitality, Jen Schmidt encourages women to open their door to the people God has placed in their path. Short videos compliment deep scripture study. You can read my review here.
  5. It’s All Under Control – Jennifer Dukes Lee is a fellow control-freak and teaches readers how to decide what’s God’s best and whether that means holding on or letting go. Check out my review here.
  6. None Like Him – Over ten weeks, Jen Wilkin walks readers through 10 attributes of God as revealed in scripture. You’ll find your finite opinion of who God is and what He is capable of expands and with it comes a greater appreciation for who God is and what He is capable of. You can read my review here.

For additional Bible study reviews and recommendations, check out this post.

4. Prayerfully recruit Bible study group facilitators

You can use the same method I recommend in recruiting team members in this post. Don’t just rely on past facilitators, ask former group leaders for recommendations. They likely had women in their previous groups who were gifted in facilitating and encouragement. Be open to new Bible study time slots based on your facilitator’s availability and preference. There’s a group of 9 women at our church that faithfully meet at 6:45 AM. Not a single woman dropped!

5. Train your Bible study facilitators

Set expectations and spend time praying for and encouraging your facilitators. It’s hard, often thankless work, and they need your support! Consider purchasing the Bible Study Facilitator Training Course for yourself and your team. Bulk pricing and site licenses are available. Get more info here.

6. Open registration

Once you’ve set your study, facilitators, and times, invite women to attend! Sign-ups increase commitment levels and give you time to recruit additional facilitators if needed so every woman can participate. If possible, offer online and in-person registration for your women. Make sure they know if they need to purchase any materials.

7. Publicize your studies

Use every tool and format available to you! Click the links for a list of 13 ways to publicize events (and 13 more) in your church. Don’t forget to invite women in your community too! You’ll find ideas for publicizing events in your community here

8. Host your launch

Many women’s ministry teams prefer to host a kick-off meeting allowing women to fellowship as a large group. Some women appreciate additional information on studies before making their final decision. Eat a light breakfast and play an icebreaker game. Have fun, but also be practical! Use this opportunity to talk about group guidelines and attendance expectations. 

May God bless your Bible study preparations! May your women come to know and love God more by spending time together in His Word.

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