Is your team struggling to get women to show up at your women’s ministry events and activities?

If that is the case, you are not alone!

I hear regularly from leaders who are frustrated because the attendance at their women’s ministry events is lacking.

I get it.

Our last two events, part of a series, were very poorly attended. Our events, minus the team members and speaker panels, drew just 4 and 6 church members respectively. Curious, I did the math and discovered only 3% of our women showed up. We usually average 20-25%. Not good!

Women’s ministry events face some tough competition for the time and commitment of our women.

We are competing against:
  • Exercise Classes
  • Children’s Sporting Events & Practices
  • Dinnertime
  • Family-time
  • Grocery Shopping & Errands
  • Television Shows
  • Other Church Commitments
  • Work Schedules
  • Spouse’s Work Schedules
  • Sleep
  • Laundry & Housework
  • Homework Assistance
  • Childcare
  • Caring for Aging Parents

And those are just the ones off the top of my head!

Most women have little white space on their calendars.

In order to attend a Women’s Ministry Event your women must choose NOT do something else.

Think on that for a minute.

  • Is your team offering and advertising events and activities in a way that women will want to give up ________ to come?
  • Are you offering something women think they need and want?
  • Is it offered on a day and time that is convenient for a majority of your women?
  • If it affordable?
  • Will there be childcare?
  • Is the event guest-friendly?
  • Do your women really know why they should come?

Here’s the thing – your women have to choose to come.

If your ministry is struggling with attendance issues, I encourage to set aside some time at your next team meeting to discuss with your team how you can make changes that encourage your women to come.

Perhaps you need to change the day and time.

Maybe you need to offer fewer events, two or three instead of four or five.

You may need to change things up – whether it be location, format, or speaker.

Do you need to retire an event that’s not fully serving its purpose?

Consider surveying your women to find out what days/times they prefer and adjust your calendar accordingly. You’ll never be able to satisfy everyone, but you may be able to find a better day/time.

Offer both what your women want and what you know they need at the same event. Draw them in by meeting a need (budgeting, discipling children, meal preparation, chalk painting, canning, teaching how to read the Bible) but teach it in conjunction with what God’s Word says about the topic.

While I firmly believe God will do anything for just one, we are called to be good stewards of our resources and that includes the time and money spent to hold every women’s ministry event or activity.

Chronic poor attendance will cripple the motivation of your women’s ministry team.

For the health of your ministry and team – you must address poor attendance.

I strongly encourage you to have your team complete a Post Event Evaluation Form after every event. Take time to examine the attendance and what may have contributed to the turnout. Replicate what works and tweak what doesn’t.

As for our last two events, I believe the team needs to look at making some adjustments on the time of day, length (they’ve been 3 hours), and format. I’m also not certain the vision we’ve had for each event is being clearly communicated to our ladies. If we were to look at the bigger picture of our calendar year, we may decide it’s too full…

Praying God gives your team eyes to see any barriers that need to be removed so that your women will want to attend your women’s ministry events. May we seek God’s plans for our ministry and not our own. 

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