Women's Ministry Tip 31 - The One Thing You Must Never Do

Brace yourself for today’s tip ladies!

You may not think it’s a problem for you, but I’d be willing to bet it is!

It’s something almost all speakers, teachers, and leaders do.

And it’s such an easy fix!

It happened again at a conference I was at recently.

The leader beside me groaned and shook her head too.

I get that people think this is not a problem, but the truth is it is.

Their perception is not reality.

We really can’t hear you if you’re not using a microphone.

  1. Your voice is not as loud as you think it is.
  2. The acoustics bounce the sound around forcing us to miss most of what you are saying.
  3. The people with hearing problems in the room need you to use the microphone.
  4. The competing noises from the next room, hallway, and person behind me make it very difficult to understand what you are saying.

Please, please never stand in front of a group and speak without a microphone.

What you’re saying is important enough to make sure all the people in the room hear it.

How to know if you need to use a microphone.

So how do you know if you should use a microphone?

  1. If there is any question whatsoever.
  2. If you are in a large room, gym, sanctuary, or fellowship hall.
  3. If there are competing noises (the air conditioner counts!).
  4. If you think you don’t need one.
  5. If there are more than 30 people in the room.

Look, I get it. I was a teacher too. I was big into drama and we rarely used microphones.

But you (we) really aren’t as loud as you think you are.

And the minute you bow your head to pray it’s totally over. You are pointing your voice at the floor and it swallows everything you are saying. And oh, how my heart wants to hear your prayer!

God’s given you a task. Make sure your women hear it.

Your turn to share: Do you ever struggle to hear the speaker at a meeting, event, or church function?

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