Setting Up a Prayer Room (for your retreat)

We’ve talked about praying before your event, but what about praying at your event?

Today I want to share some ideas about setting up a Prayer Room at your retreat.

Not every retreat I’ve been on has had a Prayer Room.

But when there’s been one, it has been used by both our women and our team.

Ideally, your Prayer Room (or space) will be:

  1. Peaceful
  2. Separate
  3. Available

At one retreat we were able to utilize a meeting space near our main room for the entire weekend. It was open early in the morning until late at night.

You may have to be more creative depending upon your retreat location. Perhaps you can find a couple of chairs in a quiet corner of your rental house.

What to put in your Prayer Room:

  1. Tables and chairs for sitting
  2. Bibles for praying
  3. Cd player to play instrumental hymns in the background
  4. Minimal lighting – but enough to see and to write
  5. Prayer Request box with paper and pens
  6. Prayer Cards (see My Favorite Prayer Cards and 8 Ways to Use Them)
  7. Tracts or booklets with the message of salvation
  8. Cushions for sitting on the floor and for kneeling on

You might want your decorations team to add some minimal décor to enhance the mood.

In the past, our Prayer Team committed to meeting several times during the weekend to pray over the prayer requests that had been put in the box. We were humbled by the requests in the box. We made it known to our ladies that we’d be praying and there were always new requests in the box. Don’t commit to it, unless your team is able.

If space is at a minimum and you are unable to provide a dedicated space for prayer, consider setting up prayer stations during your retreat and/or placing a prayer request box in your meeting space.

Your women have a lot of stuff going on and desperately want and need your prayers.

Please note: The photo at the top of the post is of the prayer room in the chapel at The Cove (Billy Graham Training Center). Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of our prayer room to share. Please don’t think I’m setting the bar that high!

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