Photo Booth Ideas

I did not know one of our team members was going to have a photo booth set up for us to use at our retreat in September.

But I am so glad she put one together for us!

I don’t normally like to have my picture taken, but I can play with a prop and strike a pose with the best of them.

I’m super excited to share some fun photo booth photos with you all today. I’ve been waiting all month to share them!

A little background so these photos make sense…

Our theme was Psalm 23 “The LORD is My Shepherd”. JoAnn created sheep ears and supplied us with silly glasses. She painted a large frame and we hung it between two rooms. We also pulled in our shepherd’s hook that was one of our visual aids for the weekend. (That’s what I’m holding in the photo above. I just didn’t realize the crook was out of the picture.)

Our ladies had so much fun with this!

These are some photos I snapped late one night. Two of our gals could not stop laughing! You can’t help but laugh and smile along with them!

Photo Booth Fun

When I was at the Allume Conference in 2014 they had a Smilebooth. Now I have no idea what the cost might be, but the FAQ mention there’s a 10% discount for non-profits. If you’re having huge event or retreat you may be able to find a business sponsor to cover the cost.

Here’s the photo Gina Duke and I took. Neither of us were ready for the first two shots!

Allume photo booth

Great creative with your photo booth!

  • Find a fun way to incorporate your theme for the weekend.
  • Make or buy some props for your women to use. Consider boas, hats, crowns, and crazy glasses.
  • Put your theme, verse, or retreat title on the background.

Be sure to ask your women to share their photos on social media. You may want to suggest a hashtag for everyone to use.

If you need some more ideas and inspiration, check out my Photo Booth & Props Pinterest board. You’ll find links to several free photo booth printables.

Follow wmtoolbox’s board Photo Booths & Props on Pinterest.

Amazon has some inexpensive props as well. (Please note: These are affiliate links, should you make a purchase I may receive a small commission which helps to cover the costs of this blog.)

Photo booths can lend a lot of fun and laughter to your retreat!

What other tips and ideas for photo booths do you have?

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