How to Select Your Women's Ministry Theme and Verse for the Year

Many Women’s Ministry Teams choose to focus on a particular verse and/or theme for their year.

Doing such can bring great focus and clarity to your purpose and planning.

This process of learning to listen for God’s voice and direction is invaluable!

God’s taken our team in a wide variety of directions over the years. I’m always excited to discover what the next one will be!

Today I’m sharing a few things I’ve learned in hopes that it will help your through this process of selecting a women’s ministry verse and theme for your year.


1. Pray and seek God’s direction.

2. Expect the process to take time.

3. Be open to God’s leading.

4. Use scripture as your basis. IE. Theme: Abide In Me;  Verse: John 15:4

5. Have 1 or 2 events that really focus on your theme – IE. a conference and luncheon/dinner.

6. Pray early and pray often. For effective planning you’ll want next year’s theme about 4-6 months prior to your new year.

7. Keep a running list of verses God seems to be directing you to.

8. Own it and commit to it. IE. Put both the theme and verse on every piece of publicity you’re using – newsletters, programs, Facebook pages, websites, blogs, etc.

9. Ask God for confirmation if you need it.

10. Share your thought process with your team – some may not know how to listen for God’s voice.


1. Settle on the first theme/verse that pops into your mind (though God may bring you back to it).

2. Base it around a speaker’s topic offerings (instead find a speaker that works with the theme God’s chosen for you).

3. Take a vote –  God’s placed YOU in a position of leadership –  trust Him to guide you and don’t open the door for Satan.

4. Limit God to one verse – He may lead you to 3 or 4 or even a whole passage.

5. Force every event, fellowship, and activity to “fit” with the theme. You may cross the line into “cutesy” or be viewed as rigid.

6. “Google” it.

7. Glean the theme from another church. God has something planned specifically for the women at your church.

8. Stray or change your focus mid-year.

9. Give up. God’s timing is perfect!

10. Stop listening – that next verse and theme could come at anytime.

May God bless your time in His Word and presence as you seek direction for the ministry at your church!

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