tip 18 golden ticket

Tip 18 is a unique door prize idea that doubles as publicity.

“I’ve got the golden ticket! I’ve got the golden ticket!”

Sorry – I couldn’t resist throwing a little Willy Wonka in the mix.

Seriously, though, do you need a little extra incentive to bring women to your next event?

I’ve got an idea for you!

Let them know you’ll be giving away a free ticket (or gift certificate toward) for your next big event!


  1. That big door prize may be just enough to get someone over the fence and into the fellowship hall for your next event.
  2. Giving away a ticket provides the opportunity to share about the event with those in attendance.
  3. Chances are they won’t want to attend alone and will find a friend to attend with them!

Even if your budget is tiny, it can be worth the investment to give away a free or deeply discounted seat.

Several times over the years our team has given away a ticket or certificate for our next big event.

One year we gave a $50 off gift certificate to our Fall Retreat (the total cost was over $200).

At one fellowship we gave away a free ticket to our Table Event.

May I strongly recommend that your team agree not to enter their names in the drawing? Give it to one of the women you are serving instead.

We made it a policy not to enter our team member names in any of our door prize drawings.

Your turn to share: Would your women be interested in winning a ticket to your next big event?

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