Decorating for Your Women's Ministry Retreat

Decorations can be a fun way to play up the theme of your women’s ministry retreat.

Lighthouses, oversize coffee cups, mason jars with flowers, bowls of fruit, and princess crowns.

Each can be used to help communicate your theme and leave a lasting visual impression on your attendees.

What are somethings you need to consider?

  1. Budget – decorations should not be costly or extravagant. Remember we want to keep the retreat as inexpensive as we can so more women can attend!
  2. Easy to Transport – decorations need to be portable and easy to set-up. Keep in mind they’ll be traveling to your retreat location in the back of someone’s car.
  3. Enhance the theme – decorations should enhance the theme and not compete with the speaker or distract your attendees.
  4. Room set-up – there may not be a need in your meeting rooms for much, if any, decorations.
  5. What’s provided – many hotels and conference centers provide table centerpieces during meals. You may want to add a few accents related to your theme or you may opt not to add anything else.

Places you may want to decorate:

  1. Welcome table – this is the first opportunity your women may have to view your theme.
  2. Small table on the stage – be mindful not to distract the audience from the speaker’s message. It’s likely your speaker will want a table, stool, or podium for her Bible and any props she has – be sure to leave her some space if she needs it!
  3. Hotel room doors – how fun would it be to decorate the doors of your attendees?! Just be careful to not add their names if you are in a public place or sharing the retreat space with others.
  4. Registration tables back at the church – create a buzz and excitement early. Those items can be re-used at the retreat location.
  5. Prayer room – if you have a dedicated prayer room at your retreat, this is a great place for your creative women to put their skills to work!
  6. Doors of your meeting spaces – signs labeling workshop rooms or discussion group rooms can be highly functional and decorative.

Be sure to communicate the theme and colors for the retreat to your whole Retreat Planning Team.

You’ll want everything to have a cohesive look and feel.

Decorations should be a blessing, not a burden.

I’ve got one more little tip to share…be sure to scroll past the photo!

Fabric and candles don't mix

As I was looking for photos of past decorations to share with you all I found the one above.

Can I just caution you that candles and fabric don’t mix?

This was my table and the fabric caught on fire!

Ya’all we had to throw a glass of water on it to get it out!

It made for a great memory, but certainly not one I’d want to repeat!

What other places can you think of that will need to be decorated at your retreat location?

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