Table Event Teams - How many do you need and what do they do?

Our annual Bouquet of Tables event is a big undertaking and requires a true team effort.

Your best team of women will be prayerful, committed, and reliable.

We divide our planning into the following table event teams:

1. Server Team
  • Responsible for recruiting at least 1 man/older youth per table.
  • Recruits “head server” who will direct the men during the event.
  • Recruits one man to assist caters in the kitchen (should have working knowledge of kitchen).
  • Communicates times, dress code, dates, etc. to the servers via postcard approximately 3 weeks prior to the event.
2. Table Hostesses Team
  • Recruits needed number of Table Hostesses for the event.
  • Communicates expectations, set-up times, and other information to every Table Hostess.
  • Supplies list of hostesses to Registration Team Leader prior to registration.
3. Publicity Team
  • Creates, prints, and distributes determined publicity for the event, not limited to flyers, mailings, posters, banners, etc.
  • Films and edits promo video to be shown week before registration begins (ideally).
  • Creates program and other needed materials for event.
4. Food Team
  • Collects quotes from caterers.
  • Sets menu for event.
  • Serves as contact for the caterers – supplying final numbers, submitting receipts, schedules arrival, etc.
5. Registration Team
  • Team leader(s) recruits and trains women to man the registration tables.
  • Creates registration forms listing table hostesses and available seats.
  • Handles moving guests if/when necessary.
  • Registers women before and after church services.
  • Submits registration forms and monies in accordance with church procedures.
6. Decorations Team
  • Decorates sanctuary, event space, stage, and bathrooms as deemed necessary. (The tables are our focus so we do minimal decorations elsewhere.)
  • Orders flowers, if needed.
7. Worship Team
  • Recruits needed worship leader, singers, and musicians (if needed).
  • Works with tech team on sound equipment needs and Power Point slides.
  • Selects songs to fit schedule and event focus.
  • Provides worship experience for guests at the event.
  • Provides music (instrumental) to be used before the event begins, in dinner area, etc.
8. Greeter Team
  • Recruits women to greet and welcome guests to the event.
  • Considers all spaces and fill needs accordingly.

I know that list may seem overwhelming, but keep in mind not every team needs to be big. If your church is small you could have one person head up each area and recruit needed volunteers from the rest of the congregation.

Dividing all the tasks up helps ensure a big event, like a Table Event, is a success!

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