Get creative when you give away door prizes. These 15 creative ideas will add some excitement and fun!

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to distributing door prizes?

Do you use the same door prize distribution method at every women’s ministry event?

Would you like some fresh ideas to help your team give away door prizes?

While it is easy to just pull out those rolls of numbered carnival tickets, there are a lot more creative and exciting ways to give our door prizes!

Try one of these 15 fresh, fun ways to distribute door prizes at your next Women’s Ministry event.

15 Creative Ways to Give Away Door Prizes

1. Place stickers on the back of their name tags.

2. Utilize the Double Duty Door Prize Slips.

3. Hide stickers underneath their chairs.

4. Play “hot potato”. Whenever the music stops the person holding the door prize gets to keep it. This can be a lot more fun if you have several prizes moving around the circle/table at the same time. If you are at tables, you’ll want one prize per table.

5. Put stickers on the bottom of plates.

6. For an event that requires registration, print out all the names and place them in a basket.

7. Use a unique item to draw names from such as a beach hat, Christmas stocking, Easter basket, bucket, teapot, or any other item that ties into the theme for your event.

8. Sneak a sticker onto the backside of your event programs or hand-outs.

9. Play Bingo. Amazon (affiliate links) has an inexpensive Bingo game that comes with 50 playing cards (and you can purchase additional bingo cards if needed). If you have 5 door prizes, the first 5 people to get “Bingo” get a prize. (I would continue the same game – not start over each time.)

10. Play Pass the Package. Click the link for detailed instructions.

11. Give the door prizes to the Icebreaker Game winners.

12. Have the attendees pull colored chips or playing cards. Note: This can be complicated. It requires rigging the number of colored chips or playing cards prior to the event and knowing how many people are in attendance. I.E. If you have 3 door prizes only include 3 cards from the deck that have diamonds on them.

13. Use index cards – have everyone write their name on one side – use the other side for an icebreaker game or to get input (such as what night of the week is best for you for fellowships).

14. Ask questions to which there can only be one winner (we hope!).

  • Whose birthday is the closest to the event date?
  • Which person drove the farthest?
  • Who has been married the longest?
  • Who is the newlywed in the room?
  • Who got up the earliest/latest that morning?

15. The early bird gets the worm! Give a prize to the person that arrived first (after everyone else has arrived). If you do this often, women will usually make more of an effort to arrive on time.

Personally, I love when door prize winners are chosen randomly (not that God can’t have a hand in how the winners are selected!).

The random distribution of door prizes removes any signs of favoritism.

Something you may want to think about… Our team decided to exclude ourselves from participating in any door prize drawings. Not only can it be awkward when a team member wins, but it keeps the focus on the attendees.

Your turn to share: How do you giveaway door prizes at your women’s ministry events?

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