10 Reasons to Host a Summer Women's Ministry Event - You'll be glad you did!

While it may be tempting to take a ministry break over the summer, I’ve got 10 reasons why your team needs to host a summer women’s ministry event.

I know what you may be thinking:

  • Everyone’s on vacation.
  • Women don’t really want to come.
  • It’s too hot!

We make a mistake when we assume our women don’t want to connect during the summer months.

Time after time, I’ve seen some of the biggest and best turnouts for summer women’s ministry events and summer Bible studies.

Please, don’t let your assumptions keep you from hosting a summer event.

Here are 10 reasons to host a summer women’s ministry event:

1. Women always need Jesus.

Always. Let’s not miss an opportunity to point women to Jesus.

2. Summer lends itself to fun outdoor activities.

Need ideas? See my 30 Summer Fellowship Ideas and 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas.

3. Many sports take a summer break.

Moms who might otherwise be shuttling kids to basketball, soccer, or baseball practice may be able to attend during the summer months. If swim team is big deal in your area, then be sure to schedule around it!

4. Harried moms with houses full of children are longing for a break.

I don’t know a mom who wouldn’t love a night out away from the kids.

5. Women will seek refuge from the heat in a cool church basement.

They won’t mind braving the heat when they know a cool church building or basement awaits them.

6. It’s a great excuse to fix fun summer desserts.

From ice cream socials to summer salads – summer food is just plain fun!

7. Decorating for summer is easy-peasy.

Cut some flowers from the yard. Blow up some beach balls. Check out these fun summer decor and favor ideas here.

8. Other than Vacation Bible School, there are few church events to plan around.

This is one of the best-kept secrets about summer events! Go check your church calendar – you’ll find it’s surprisingly bare!

9. You want to keep the momentum from that fabulous spring event or spring Bible study.

Continue the practice of meeting regularly. Come mid-June your women will find themselves missing the regular interaction with other women from the church. They’ll jump at the chance to gather together! You’ll find it’s much easier to launch new studies and activities in the fall if your women have been meeting regularly during the summer months.

10. New women need something to plug into immediately.

Please don’t make them wait until fall. Bring them into the fold as soon as you can – they’ll be more likely to come to future events and activities.

Summer lends itself to simplicity and to gathering together.

Give your women an excuse to gather together at least once this summer.

And if you need a summer icebreaker, be sure to check out:

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I’d love to hear from you! What’s been your experience with hosting summer women’s ministry events?

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