Need a quick and easy solution for the food for your next women’s ministry event?

Set up a Food Bar!

I love the ease of self-serve and the pretty rows of little bowls, plates, and food!

With allergy and food issues becoming more common, food bars often give these women options that might not otherwise have.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert – I’ve got ya’ covered! Let’s take a look!

mini fruit pizzas


1. Individual Fruit Pizza Bar – keep costs low by choosing fruit that’s in season.

smores food bar


2. DIY Smores Bar – Be sure to click over to see how they set up the roasting station.
Do me a favor and get permission for open flames – okay?



3. A Chili Bar – what a great lunch/dinner idea for your ladies!
Did you know you can cook baked potatoes in a crock pot (wash, dry, wrap in foil, 4 hours on high)?
I like the fries and hotdogs as options too.
Or keep it simple and just go with chili and toppings. Maybe a mild, spicy, white, and vegetarian chili…

crepe bar(source)

 4. I’ll admit, I don’t know how to make crepes and this Crepe Bar
may be more work that someone would want to take on, but this is SO elegant!!

Breakfast burrito bar


5. Early morning events have been a big hit with our ladies.
Click the link to see all the topping ideas for DIY Breakfast Burritos.


6. Another great lunch or dinner idea – a Baked Potato Bar.
Love that this could be vegetarian and allergy friendly.
Store pre-baked potatoes in coolers to keep them warm.

trail mix bar


7. Whether you offer the Trail Mix Bar as a snack during a retreat or conference or make this their favor,
I love that women can customize their mix to include their favorites!

Yogurt Bar


8. We had a mini-version of this Yogurt Bar at our last conference.
We served vanilla yogurt with granola and thawed frozen fruit.
Our GSF store has some smaller bowls that were perfect – not too big, not too small.

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