Need some help finshing the preparations for your Christmas party or fellowship? Check out these last-minute Christmas fellowship tips!

Does your Christmas fellowship need a little something extra?

You’ll want to check out these last-minute Christmas fellowship tips!

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas fellowship, Bible study Christmas party, Christmas coffee, or holiday get-together for your life group, these Christmas fellowship tips will add a little something extra-special to your time together.

6 Last-minute Christmas Fellowship Tips

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1. Add an icebreaker or game.

Your guests almost always need a little help in making connections with each other. Even if it’s a group that’s known each other for years, the right icebreaker will reveal information they don’t yet know about each other. Be sure to check out all of my favorite Christmas icebreakers here.

2. Encourage coloring!

Adult coloring pages are all the rage right now. These Color-Your-Own Christmas Bookmarks on Etsy can be purchased and printed immediately –perfect for a last-minute addition. Place a bookmark at every seat with packs of colored pencils or thin markers (pull from your church resource room if you can). If you have a lot of guests coming to your event, coloring gives them something to do and will help calm any nervousness they may be feeling like the new girl in the room.

3. Add a service project or collect needed items for a local ministry.

A quick couple of phone calls and an email to attendees is all that is needed. Maybe you’ll want to collect gift cards for a family in need, new undergarments for a local abuse shelter, or bags of food for the local food pantry. I share 60 service project ideas in this post.

4. Give them chocolate.

Place chocolate nuggets around your Christmas party space. I adore these Names of the Savoir Chocolate Nugget Printable Wrappers. No need to use the tray and topper if you’re working on this last-minute – though together they do make an awesome favor! Grab a bag of nuggets from the store, print your wrappers, and you’re ready to go!

5. Add a personal note.

Bless each guest with a short Christmas note. If you don’t have a box of Christmas cards handy, you can find some beautiful, inexpensive printable Christmas cards on Etsy. I love this sweet set of cards, each with a scripture verse. I love the idea of placing a short note at each person’s seat – especially if you have a small gathering with your women’s ministry team or if you are a table hostess for a Christmas Table Event. You could even place the card in a frame as a gift.

6. Bless them with a useful gift.

Gifts of food while well-intentioned often go uneaten during the Christmas season when there are so many goodies to enjoy. Consider, instead, the Gift of No Dishes or Christmas Potpourri. Both are budget-friendly and easy to make in bulk. These unique gifts will surely be remembered!

If you feel like you’re all set, please don’t feel the pressure to add one more thing to your to-do list which is probably already busting at the seams.

Really – these are just a few fun and thoughtful ideas to consider if you feel like something is missing.

These ideas are not in any way meant to be a guilt trip.

I have no doubt your guests will feel loved whether or not there’s chocolate on the table or an icebreaker planned.

May God bless your Christmas fellowship. May your guests be reminded of the real reason for the season, Christ’s birth.

On a personal note:

I pray your Christmas is filled with sweet times with loved ones. That God blesses you with times of rest. That your time at His feet will give you extra grace to love all those He places in your path this holiday season.

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