Tablescape Inspiration

Many Women’s Ministry Teams host annual “table events”.

They might be know as the “Festival of Tables” or “Banquet of Tables” in your church.

I’m always impressed by the attention to detail and diversity of the tables.

I had the opportunity to attend a Banquet of Tables back in the fall. The theme of the event was God’s Word is Timeless. Table hostesses were asked to pick a decade.

I thought you might like to see some of the tables from the event. I hope they’ll inspire you as you make plans to decorate a table of your own!

Click the pause button to linger for a better look.

Clearly a lot of love and time was spent preparing these tables for the event!

Here are 4 tablescape take-aways for you:

1. Use items you have and love. Many of them used items they had at home.

2. A little fabric can have a huge impact! Bold, bright fabrics really helped set these tables apart. Fabric doesn’t have to cover the entire table and even looks better at times with the white tablecloth peeking out from underneath. Did you catch the burlap ribbon layered underneath the bandanas?

3. China isn’t necessary. Most of these tables didn’t use china. Some used paper or plastic plates. Others just put out chargers knowing the meal would be served on top.

4. There’s a right way to add height. Most of the time tall centerpieces block conversation and your guests view of the speaker and other women at the table. Two of these tables had really, really tall centerpieces. But they were very skinny and blossomed at the top where no one’s view would be impacted.

May God bless you and your preparations!

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