How to Plan a DIY Spa Event

Women love to feel pampered, but they often lack the time (and money) to treat themselves to a little pampering.

A Spa Event can pamper both the inside and the outside!

I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the planning team for three different spa events over the years.

Today I’m going to share with you some ideas for a DIY Spa Event.

You can easily adapt these ideas for a Ladies’ Night Out, Women’s Ministry fellowship, MOPS meeting, or an outreach event such as pampering women at a local shelter.

For this particular DIY Spa event, our team set up different stations in different rooms. We broke our women into smaller groups of 6-8. Each group had 20 minutes to complete the station before rotating. Everyone completed all 4 stations.

Rather than having your women rotate, you could have them select a new station every 20 minutes. You’d want to have more stations than you have time slots. This would give your women a chance to choose the activities that minister most to them.

Here are 8 suggestions for spa stations:

1. Sugar Hand Scrub – Give women the opportunity to create their own scrub to take home and/or supply enough scrub for everyone to have the experience of using the hand scrub. You’ll need 2/3 cup sugar, ¼ cup canola oil, a half pint mason jar, and essential oils for each participant.

2. Paraffin Spa Bath – Chances are someone in your church or neighborhood may have one that you can borrow. In addition, you’ll need additional wax and gloves (1 pair per person). The wax gets really, really hot and takes about 90-120 minutes to melt. Be sure to plan for the prep time and then turn the heat ALL the way down. I strongly suggest putting a sign up that cautions women that the wax is hot.

Your women will appreciate if you turn down the heat on your wax bath.

3. Nail Station – For sanitary purposes provide new bottles of nail polish for women to use and then keep. You’ll also want to stock this station with nail files, cotton balls, and nail polish remover. (Shop the Dollar Store.)

4. Health Foods Bar – Give women the chance to chat while enjoying healthy foods. Fruit and veggie trays are perfect. Spa waters (containing fruit or mint) in pretty glass carafes add to the experience.

5. Foot Baths – You’ll need a source of water, lots of paper towels, and a couple of volunteers willing to sanitize the tubs after each use. Tubs can be purchased at The Dollar Store. In advance prepare at least two different types of Fizzing Foot Soak. See my Fizzy Foot Soak post for the recipe.

6. Prayer Station – Set up a quiet corner with Bibles, scripture verses, and instrumental hymns playing softly. Provide pampering for the inside – not just the outside!

7. Bath Salts Station – give women the opportunity to mix up their own bath salts to use at home later. Martha Stewart shares an easy recipe here.

8. Rice Sock Station – Provide supplies for making rice socks – tube socks, lots of rice, rubber bands, and essential oils (lavender/peppermint). One of our team members made covers for our socks.

Tip: Use plastic tablecloths to cover all of the tables. It will make clean-up a breeze and protect tables from any spills (nail polish, remover, etc.).

Your DIY Spa Event doesn’t have to be over the top or super-girly to minister to your women.

If your team will focus on loving your women through this event, each woman will leave feeling loved, pampered, and special.

Your turn to share: Have you hosted a Spa Event? What did your ladies love about it?

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