Icebreakers and games provide great opportunities for your women to relax, laugh, and uncover shared experiences and interests.

Use them to:

  • Encourage conversation
  • Break the ice with guests
  • Lighten the mood
  • Inject some fun

I’ve gathered all my icebreakers and games together for you in one place and divided them into categories.

You’ll find Everyday Icebreakers & Games, Seasonal Icebreakers & Games, and several must-read Icebreaker Tips. 

Be sure to pin or bookmark this page as new icebreakers and games will continue to be added on a regular basis!

Icebreaker Tips

10 Things Icebreakers Should Not Do
How to Determine the Best Icebreaker for Your Event
Why Women’s Ministry Events Need Great Icebreakers
Why I Don’t Do Bible Games
Why I Don’t Do White Elephant Exchanges

Everyday Icebreakers & Games

31 Great Icebreaker Questions for Introductions
A Day in the Life
A Few of My Favorite Things
DRACT – Draw + Act
Either/Or Icebreaker Game
Four Corners
High School Memories Bingo
Icebreaker IF (Christian Questions)
Meet Your Match
Movie Night Icebreaker Questions
Night at the Museum
Paul or Princess
Roll & Poll
Share: A Bingo-Style Icebreaker Game
Take Flight
The Great Candy Pass
Things We Love
Top 10 Lists
What’s inside your car? – Scavenger Hunt
What’s on UR phone?
Who Here?
Women’s Ministry Bingo

Holiday and Seasonal Icebreakers & Games

Valentine Icebreaker Games

Great Valentine Candy Pass
Heart to Heart
If Valentine Questions
Not-so Newyledwed Game
Valentine Icebreaker Questions

Spring/Mother’s Day Icebreaker Games

Spring & Easter Table Talk Cards
Mother’s Day Left Right Story
Mother’s Day Pass the Package Game

Summer Icebreaker Games

Summer Icebreaker: Who here?
Summer Table Talk Cards
Summer Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions

Christmas Icebreaker Games

Christmas Connection
Christmas Couples
Christmas Icebreaker Questions
Christmas Left Right Game
Christ-focused Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
Christmas Pass the Package Game
Christmas Roll & Poll
Christmas Table Talk Cards
DRACT – Draw + Act (Christmas version)
Great Christmas Candy Pass
If Christmas Questions
Nativity Left Right Story
Pick-a-Side (Christmas Version)
What’s on UR phone? (Christmas version)
Wrap it up!
Would you rather? Christmas Questions

Fall Icebreaker Games

Fall Table Talk Cards
Summer Reflections

Have a suggestion or a request? I love creating custom icebreaker games. Shoot me an email Cyndee(AT)womensministrytoolbox (DOT) com.