Icebreakers and games provide great opportunities for your women to relax, laugh, and uncover shared experiences and interests.

Use them to:

  • Encourage conversation
  • Break the ice with guests
  • Lighten the mood
  • Inject some fun

I’ve gathered all my icebreakers and games together for you in one place and divided them into categories.

You’ll find Everyday Icebreakers & Games, Seasonal Icebreakers & Games, and several must-read Icebreaker Tips. 

Be sure to pin or bookmark this page as new icebreakers and games will continue to be added on a regular basis!

Icebreaker Tips

10 Things Icebreakers Should Not Do
How to Determine the Best Icebreaker for Your Event
Why Women’s Ministry Events Need Great Icebreakers
Why I Don’t Do Bible Games
Why I Don’t Do White Elephant Exchanges

Everyday Icebreakers & Games

31 Great Icebreaker Questions for Introductions
A Day in the Life
A Few of My Favorite Things
DRACT – Draw + Act
Either/Or Icebreaker Game
Four Corners
High School Memories Bingo
Icebreaker IF (Christian Questions)
Knit Together (For Retreats and Conferences)
Meet Your Match
Movie Night Icebreaker Questions
Night at the Museum
Paul or Princess
Roll & Poll
Share: A Bingo-Style Icebreaker Game
Take Flight
The Great Candy Pass
Things We Love
Top 10 Lists
What’s inside your car? – Scavenger Hunt
What’s on UR phone?
Who Here?
Women’s Ministry Bingo
Would she rather?

Holiday and Seasonal Icebreakers & Games

Valentine Icebreaker Games

Great Valentine Candy Pass
Heart to Heart
If Valentine Questions
Not-so Newyledwed Game
Valentine Icebreaker Questions

Spring/Mother’s Day Icebreaker Games

Spring & Easter Table Talk Cards
Mother’s Day Left Right Story
Mother’s Day Pass the Package Game

Summer Icebreaker Games

Summer Icebreaker: Who here?
Summer Table Talk Cards
Summer Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions

Christmas Icebreaker Games

Christmas Connection
Christmas Couples
Christmas Icebreaker Questions
Christmas Left Right Game
Christ-focused Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
Christmas Pass the Package Game
Christmas Roll & Poll
Christmas Table Talk Cards
DRACT – Draw + Act (Christmas version)
Great Christmas Candy Pass
If Christmas Questions
Nativity Left Right Story
Pick-a-Side (Christmas Version)
What’s on UR phone? (Christmas version)
Wrap it up!
Would you rather? Christmas Questions

Fall Icebreaker Games

Fall Table Talk Cards
Summer Reflections

Have a suggestion or a request? I love creating custom icebreaker games. Shoot me an email Cyndee(AT)womensministrytoolbox (DOT) com.