Publicity Secret for Your Women's Ministry

Shhhhh……This is my very favorite women’s ministry publicity secret!

It’s effective and it’s one that’s often over looked.

There is one particular place on your church campus that you are certain to reach your intended audience.

Women often go there in groups. *wink

Have you figured it out?

The bathroom!

Placing publicity in your women’s bathrooms is effective, inexpensive, and unexpected.

You’ve got a captive audience!

Here are three ways to publicize women’s ministry events in your church bathroom:

1. Flyers inside the stalls on the back of the door. Until recently we just taped them up. Thanks to some unspent budget funds we were able to purchase some inexpensive clear sign holders (installed with command strips).

2. Plastic holders on the counter tops at the sinks. We fill our stand up holders with full or half sheet flyers for women to take with them. (Secure the last flyer to the holder so it won’t be empty – marking it with a note that says  “please do not remove”.)

3. Bulletin boards – Check to see if your church will allow your team to place a bulletin board on the wall in each bathroom.

Do you hang flyers in the bathrooms at your church?

Have you got any other secret publicity ideas you can share?

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