Worship Ideas for Your Retreat

Music is a must for any retreat!

Times of worship during your retreat provide opportunities:

  • For hearts to soften
  • The Holy Spirit to speak
  • Women to prepare their hearts and mind for the message
  • Drive home a point of the session
  • Background music during times of response
  • Set the mood
  • Wake up your women
  • Bond the women thru a shared experience
  • To use a theme song as a thread thru the weekend

Col 3_16 singing psalms and hymns with thankfulness

There are a variety of ways to handle the music for your retreat:

  1. Hire a worship leader or worship band
  2. Recruit a woman from your church to lead worship for the weekend
  3. Assemble a worship team from your church to provide the music for the weekend
  4. Use a power point screen for the lyrics
  5. Print the song lyrics in your program
  6. Use CD’s with the artist’s recording of the song
  7. Download music tracks without the vocals
  8. Use the music that was included with your retreat kit
  9. Purchase a music sing-along DVD (they aren’t just for kids – I’ll share some below)
  10. Use a karaoke machine

Be sure to talk with your Music Minster/Director they may have some great ideas for you and may have some recommendations if you’re able to pay for a worship leader.

Also be sure you give your women the words to the songs you’re going to sing – whether you put on them up on a screen, in their programs, or both. Expect to have women join you that are not familiar with the songs you sing each week at church.


A few more thoughts on worship:

  • Worship doesn’t have to be slotted at the beginning of every session. You may want to end with a song. Your speaker may want a time of response in the middle of her session.
  • Not every song has to be sung by the whole group. Use a soloist, duet, or quartet. Play instrumental music. Just listen to the artist sing their song.
  • New songs can be hard for your women to sing. Teach the song to them if you can.
  • Your women don’t have to stand to worship. We had some sweet worship times sitting in our seats at our last retreat. It wasn’t what I had expected or planned in my mind…God’s vision is always better than mine!

Here are a few sing-along DVD’s you might want to check out:

444719: Live: A Night of Extravagant Worship DVD Live: A Night of Extravagant Worship DVD
911196: Hymns Across America (DVD & Enhanced CD) Hymns Across America (DVD & Enhanced CD)
112100: To God Be the Glory, DVD To God Be the Glory, DVD
403617: iWorship @ Home DVD, Volume 6 iWorship @ Home DVD, Volume 6
012124: Abide with Me (DVD & Audio CD) Abide with Me (DVD & Audio CD)
309414: iWorship @ Home DVD, Volume 5 iWorship @ Home DVD, Volume 5
079190: WOW Gospel 2013 WOW Gospel 2013


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