Table Event Decor Ideas Part 2

I’ve got some more inspiration for your tables today!

If you missed the first post, check out Table Décor Ideas Part 1.

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Planning details, time lines, and hostess info are soon to come!

Check out 8 more table décor ideas below.

browns table

Layered shades of brown make for a rich and sophisticated look.

chinese table

One of our women serves as an ESL Teacher.
Every year she decorates two tables for her students.

mascot themed table

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!
This WKU table gives these guests something to cheer about.

pumpkin mum table

This mum placed in a carved pumpkin really makes a statement.

rose colored table

I love how the deep rose is repeated in the plates, glasses, flowers, and tablecloth.
Repetition makes this table stand out.

seashells table

I love how this hostesses used all of the elements of the beach.
Seashells, straw, burlap, and the shimmering blue transport her guests.

white carnations table

The blue tablecloth and glasses really pop when surrounded by the white carnations.

yellow and green table

This yellow and green table was decorated almost completely with items from the Dollar Tree!
Proof that hostesses don’t need to spend a lot of money!

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