Mother's Day Tea Ideas for your Women's Ministry

Many Women’s Ministry Teams host a Mother’s Day event to honor all women – biological, adoptive, and spiritual mothers.

I thought you might be able to gather and glean a few ideas from a Mother’s Day Tea event our team hosted back in 2009.

Our former church in North Carolina had an incredible turnout year after year for this particular event, usually exceeding our expectations and seating capacity.

In order to better accommodate the crowd, this particular year we hosted the Tea twice – once at 10 AM and again at 2 PM. The event lasted no more than 2 hours, giving us plenty of time to restock the food, reset the room, etc.

As in most years, all mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends were invited to attend. We rarely put an age limit on the event.

Theme: Steeped in Him

Registration Fee: $6 (covered cost of food and most, if not all other expenses)

Décor: Tea pots and tea cups and saucers gathered from homes and purchased at Goodwill, consignment stores, etc.

Our menu:

Vegetarian Quiches
Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustables
Freshly Cut Vegetables
Fresh Fruit Salad
Assorted Tea Cakes (cookies)
Lemon Petits Fours Glacés (Harris Teeter – they were fantastic and they gave us a great deal)
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (we purchased the strawberries and dipped them ourselves)

Our schedule:

Prayer and Welcome
Tea Time
Special Crafts and Photos
Story Time (for little ones)
Speaker 1
Speaker 2 (feedback was 1 speaker was plenty)
Prayer and Dismissal

Favor: Custom made tea bags with our theme, verse, and logo (no longer available, but I love the ones here and here).

Favorite Feature: Photo Booth – one of our women let us borrow a large box of fancy, tea/derby type hats. Our decorating team set up a beautiful backdrop with white chairs. We uploaded the photos online for all to see.

Photo booth at our Mother's Day Tea event #womensministry

Icebreaker Game: Pass the Package (Mother’s Day Tea cards in separate PDF)

Crafts for the kids: Paperfolding Victorian fans and tea-themed coloring pages

Looking back there are always things I would do differently… one of our time slots was much lower in attendance than the other. We definitely should have removed the extra tables so it didn’t look quite as empty.

Our photo booth was a HUGE hit – it was so fun to see women share photos on Facebook, but it needed to be a little taller and a little wider to hide the fellowship hall wall.

Does your group host an annual Mother’s Day event?

Please share your experiences and ideas in the comments section or as a Guest Post.

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