I cannot wait to share with you the best Women’s Ministry theme ever.

Yes. Seriously.


I know you’ve seen those lists of theme ideas.

There’s a matching devotional. Pinterest-worthy favors and crafts. Coordinating games and worksheets.

All ready for you to “copy and paste”.

There’s just one thing.

God didn’t design that “kit” for your women.

He has something specific in mind for the ladies at your church. Just for them.

So how do you go about figuring out what theme God has planned for your church?

God has always been faithful to reveal our yearly theme when I have been prayerful and open to His leading.

However, last year I really struggled with what our theme would be.

I knew a great speaker that our women would love. She speaks about fashion and faith. She is fab-u-lous! We had used her for an event in NC and I knew my KY ladies would love her too!

I kept my eyes and ears open for verses on beauty. But God wasn’t sending many my way. So I started looking a few up rather than waiting on God. I really wanted this to happen!

I spoke with the speaker and her schedule wasn’t quite lining up with the weekend our big event had to be. God was gently trying to show me this wasn’t it.

She might be able to fly back early from the other event, but I knew in my gut that wasn’t right either.

I was forcing it.

It took a bit of wrestling with God, but eventually I admitted to the team that I didn’t know where God would be taking us yet.

I continued to pray and God began sending verses my direction that all connected. Love on another. Pray for one another. Encourage one another. Tell one another. Serve one another. Teach one another. The thread probably seems obvious to you, but it came together over several weeks.

I would hear a song on the radio. Get a verse during a sermon. Come across another verse in my Bible study. It was like the drip, drip, drip of a faucet.

When God gives me a specific verse (or connected verses with a common theme) multiple times I know I am onto something!

As you may have guessed, our verse last year became “One Another”. I had been looking for the “one” verse, but God wanted to broaden our vision and had us examine 12 verses!

God knew that we would soon be partnering to reach women in a local abuse shelter. He also knew how beautifully these verses would tie into the launch of our new mentoring ministry. And our big event featured not one speaker, but three precious women from our church that have mentoring relationships with one another. We would soon be loving, serving, teaching, and praying for one another on a whole new level.

Oh, how I almost messed it up big time!

More than anything I want you to know, the perfect theme for your ministry can always be found in God’s Word.

The perfect them for your ministry can always be found in God's Word.

God may give you glimpses in other places (books, songs, sermons, etc.) of what is to come, but the very best theme is based on God’s Word.

Go to God first. Ask Him to reveal the theme for your ministry. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Not certain you’re hearing what He is saying? Ask for confirmation.

He is faithful. He will provide. In His time, which is always perfect.

After you’ve got it, then and only if God leads, pick and choose a few pieces from a kit, website, or book to go along with your theme. But don’t take your eyes off of God. You don’t want to miss out on what He has planned!

Father, God, I ask you to reveal the theme and direction you want each one of our ministries to take. Show us clearly where you would have us focus. Give us a verse to claim and to direct our path. We know that your plan for our women is far greater than our own. We humbly submit our will to Yours. In Jesus name, Amen.

Your turn to share: How do you decide on your Women’s Ministry theme?