I recently attended a large outreach event and noticed neither the team or the participants had name tags.

Name tags and directional signs are near the tip-top of my checklist for Event Day.
Why name tags are important:
  • Assist with name recall (for brain fog, lack of sleep, or memory difficulties).
  • Ease the task of remembering numerous names for new attendees. (Expect new women to show up at every event/function!)
  • Refresh the memory of infrequent attendees (that works both ways).
  • Create a job for hospitality volunteers.
  • Initiate conversation (i.e. I have a cousin who spells her name the same way.)
  • Expedite tasks (passing food around the table, etc.).

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I personally love to use the clip-on name badges for events and small groups.

  • Clips don’t leave a mark on nice clothing like pins sometimes do.
  • We place baskets out at every event and ask the women to return the badges so we can use them again.
  • Food tickets, room keys, and schedules can be tucked into the back side of the name badge.

However, sticker name badges work just as well.

Even in small groups name tags are essential.

Your Women’s Ministry Leader will thank you.

Any pastor that pops in for a visit will thank you.

New women will really thank you.

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