Assumptions are a dangerous thing, especially when it comes to event planning for your Women’s Ministry.

If you have a speaker coming in from outside of your church there are many things you’ll need to share with them.

Here’s a list of items you may need to communicate to your speaker.

The more they know about the day, your church, and the audience, the better prepared they can be.

Information about Your Church and Audience

  1. Make-up of your audience (spiritual and chronological ages)
  2. Expected size of your audience
  3. Version of the Bible your church uses
  4. Critical information they need to be sensitive to. (i.e. Recent tragedies experienced by the congregation.)


  1. Detailed schedule for the day/weekend
  2. Detailed directions – to the event site, to the room(s), the hotel, bathrooms,  for parking, and any other necessary locations
  3. Transportation and overnight accommodations (Who will book the airplane ticket? Rental car/driver provided? Hotel/home?)
  4. Space in which event will take place (sanctuary/fellowship hall/large classroom/convention center, etc.)
  5. Budgetary constraints (if you have them and they affect accommodations and/or payment)
  6. Food options/menu if they will be eating with you
  7. Décor plans that would impact them (i.e. large items on the stage)
  8. Other activities you are going to incorporate – anything from having the Lords Supper to a time of group prayer.


  1. Worship/music arrangements (you may want to ask if there is a particular song that would complement their topic).

Information you need from them (Include the date needed)

  1. Listing of all video/technical cues
  2. Pages for the program
  3. Bio sheet for your introduction
  4. Publicity materials
  5. Slides/videos
  6. Flight number


  1. Information on Prayer Room/Prayer  Counselors
  2. Location of prayer request box
I strongly suggest you follow-up in writing with those details that are essential.

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