Planning a Christmas coffee or fellowship? You'll want to check out these 10 tips!

My first Christmas in Kentucky, I was invited by a new friend (as her guest)  to my very first Christmas Coffee.

I love that the hostess invited women from all of her circles – Bible Study Fellowship, church, neighbors, etc.

That she specifically instructed her invitees to bring a friend meant I was included! New in town + group of women + Christmas goodies  = Happy Holidays

In true gather-and-glean fashion, I took mental notes knowing that someday I would host my own Christmas Coffee.

My very favorite take-home tip was to use an assortment of real Christmas dessert plates. It felt so elegant to use real plates instead of paper (they hold up better too).

Whether you are hosting a Christmas Coffee for your Bible Study group, Women’s Ministry Team, or the women of your church consider these tips as you plan your event.

10 Tips for Your Christmas Coffee

1. Send out postcard invitations

2. Schedule 3 floating hours

3. Use real holiday dessert plates (clearance, garage sales, and Goodwill)

4. Use clear glass mugs (can be used for other events/holidays)

5. Choose two main beverages –  such as coffee and cider kept warm in coffee pots (serve water too)

6. Prepare a simple favor (bag of candied nuts, a mini loaf of bread, etc.) for your guests

7. Balance your menu with some healthy items (yogurt, fruit, crackers and cheese)

8. Encourage guests to bring a friend (embrace the opportunity to love on them)

9. Play some Christmas music in the background

10. Double recipes if you expect a crowd (making 2 of the same is easier)

In the years since I have hosted a few of my own Christmas Coffees.

I have invited all of the women in our section of the neighborhood. While it was well received, I should have scheduled it for the evening instead of the morning.

I’m learning to cast the net wider and issue more invitations knowing that many women will be unable to come.

Your turn to share: What would you do to make your guests feel special at a Christmas Coffee?

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