31 Days of Women's Ministry Tips - Day 8 Where do I go?

We need to expect and anticipate that new women will be in attendance at our women’s ministry events.

We need to make sure we don’t leave the new girl wondering where to go.

Hopefully you’re already hanging signs on the entrance doors.

Most churches have more than one door and more than one building.

Even when we think it’s obvious where to enter, it’s often not.

You can lead your women straight out of the parking lot and to the correct entrance with chalk!

Don't leave the new girl wondering where to go. Find out how to make sure she doesn't lose her way.

I stumbled (almost literally) across this idea at our first night of summer bible study. One of the wise women in charge had drawn a giant welcome and arrow on the courtyard pavement.

Grab a box of chalk the next time you’re in the Dollar Store and put it with your Women’s Ministry supplies.

Small touches like this make women feel loved and welcome!

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