Women's Ministry Tip #6 - Storing Your TreasurersWhen I first started as the Women’s Ministry Director neither of our teams (at either church) had storage or much stuff to store.

Our guest bedroom often served as the “off-site women’s ministry storage unit”. Until we had company preparing to come, in which case I hurriedly packed it all up and hauled it to the church or moved it to the garage.

For the sake of your marriage, your sanity, and future guests, I strongly suggest that you work with your church staff to secure some storage space for your women’s ministry.

When looking to store your women’s ministry treasures:

1. Create or find a space that can be locked up. My husband installed an inexpensive lock on a set of cabinet doors. A locked closet served as space in another church. A lockable metal cabinet in a copy room was extremely useful. You don’t want your treasures to disappear or be borrowed without your permission. You also don’t want your closet to be used during the Youth lock-in for Sardines in a Can.

2. Utilize clear plastic tubs. They will keep you organized and allow all of the team members to see what’s being stored where. In one closet we had a tub for leftover paper products and another for door prizes. Another tub held various colors of plastic tablecloths. They can also be stacked.

3. Budget for reusable items. Maybe you purchase vases this year for the Sweetheart Banquet and baskets for your Fall Retreat. Other great reusable items to purchase include: tealight candle holders, mirrors, vases of various sizes, serving containers, 50-cup coffee pots, beverage dispensers, etc.

If your church is like mine, storage space is at a premium and you have got to take what you can get. You may even have to seek out some space and then ask for a cabinet to be purchased (perhaps a corner of a Sunday school classroom).

Remember to be gracious and thankful for whatever space you have been given.

Your turn to share: Where do your store your Women’s Ministry supplies?

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