Women's Ministry Tip 24 - Shop the Home Improvement Store

I love the challenge of shopping for Women’s Ministry supplies on a tight budget.

Most of our events are break-even events. We need to balance the cost of the event with the amount we charge for the event.

With a desire to keep costs for our women as low as possible each budget line item is kept to a minimum.

One way to keep your decorating costs low is to shop at your local home improvement store.

Here are 3 of my favorite items to shop for at the home improvement store:

1. Mirror tiles – 6 in a box for less than $10. Splurge for the beveled edges if you want (6 for $20) and they are still a great bargain compared to the mirrors you’d purchase at a craft or party goods store. We’ve used these repeatedly to anchor our centerpieces. I love how the mirrors bounce the candlelight around. FYI these were at Lowes.

Mirror tiles for women's ministry events.

2. Metal containers – these metal paint cans and buckets are all the rage in decorating right now. Layer some burlap and a pretty ribbon and add some inexpensive flowers and you’re done! The really big oval tubs are great for using as an ice bucket. You’ll find them near the painting supplies.

Metal buckets for women's ministry events.

3. Plants and flowers – use them as the table centerpiece and then give them away at the end of the event as a door prize. Perfect for placing in the metal buckets above. Real greenery just can’t be beat!

Plants from the home improvement store for women's ministry events.

Your turn to share: What other women’s ministry supplies have you purchased from a home improvement store?

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