Day 2 of 31 Women's Ministry Tips - Small TouchesIn addition to the room for the main event most of your women will make a trip to the bathroom.

For most of our big events we’ve taken the time to place a small vase of flowers and a bottle of scented hand soap in our bathrooms.

It’s a small touch, but one that your women will notice.

There’s just something nice about using a fancy soap rather than the dispenser on the wall.

I do want to strongly suggest that you consider purchasing only fruit or vanilla-scented soaps.

Floral soaps can send those with allergies and sinus problems into a miserable state. So much so that the event could be ruined for them. Really.

If you’re a fan of Bath & Body Works, they often run sales on their foam and pump soaps. Keep in mind that if you purchase seasonal soaps you’ll have to wait until next season to use them again. I made that mistake one year.

If you know someone really creative and handy ask them to put together Mason jar soap pumps for your women’s ministry. How great would it be to have them to use at every event?! (Wal-mart and Big Lots are the best places to buy jars fyi.)

Spoiling and loving on your ladies in small ways can have a huge impact!