Shopping for Women's Ministry Supplies Part 1

I admit I love to shop and I love searching for great deals year-round.

I’m always on the lookout for supplies for future Women’s Ministry events.

When I spy a great deal I grab them and stash them away for later use.

I’ve spent years building up supply closets filled with reusable decorative items.

I’ve kept a tub filled with door prize and gift items (almost all found on clearance).

Savvy shopping and planning ahead has allowed for some amazing budget stretching.

Today I’m sharing my favorite brick and mortar stores for shopping for supplies.

Whenever possible I use coupons to stretch our budget even farther.

Brick and Mortar Stores

  1. Dollar Stores – Dollar Tree and Mighty Dollar
  2. Warehouse Clubs – Sam’s Club and BJ’s
  3. Christian Bookstores – LifeWay and Family Christian
  4. Craft Stores – Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn, and AC Moore
  5. Home Improvement Stores – Home Depot and Lowes

What I buy where:

  1. Dollar Stores – napkins, plastic tablecloths, plastic platters, vases, candle holders, frames
  2. Warehouse Clubs – bulk plastic silverware, plastic cups, coffee cups, coffee creamer, paper plates, napkins, desserts, appetizers, candy/chocolate, fruit
  3. Christian Bookstores – speaker gifts, team gifts, DVDs, CDs, books, greeting cards, thank you notes, door prizes
  4. Craft Stores – sets of gift bags, craft supplies, baskets, notepads, journals, notecards, tealights  – always with a sale and/or coupon
  5. Home Improvement Stores – mirror tiles, ceramic tiles, plants, flowers, metal paint buckets, metal tubs for ice or putting food on ice

Favorite purchases:

  1. Mighty Dollar –composition books with beautiful covers for a conference
  2. Sam’s Club – colorful coordinating plates and napkins for an event
  3. LifeWay – Beth Moore prayer card sets for door prizes
  4. Michaels – heavily discounted matching journals, notepads, and notecards (I think I paid 25 cents each)
  5. Home Depot – square mirror tiles (so much cheaper than the decorative ones)

Where are you favorite places to shop for Women’s Ministry supplies?

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