How to avoid information overload at your next conference or retreat.

I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for the deluge of information at this week’s LifeWay Women Leader’s Forum in Nashville. 

We’ve probably all know the overwhelm that comes from a had a “drinking out of a firehose” experience before. It can be completely overwhelming!

Today’s tip will alleviate some of the overwhelm you might experience at your next conference or a retreat.

This summer I had the opportunity to lead three workshops at the Breakway 2018 women’s conference.

I knew my last workshop was going to be a little crazy and unusual.

We wanted to offer a workshop geared towards women who are serving in leadership – many were women’s ministry leaders, some were Bible study leaders, and others oversee or assist with a ministry geared toward women.

My goal was to share as many of my best, tried-and-true tips and ideas as I could in about 30 minutes.

I came up with a list of 20 topics (publicity, door prizes, agendas, etc.) and three tips to go with each. 20 x 3 = 60 tips to share in 30 minutes. Crazy, I know?!

Before I launched into my rapid-paced tip sharing, I told the women in the room some things I was going to share weren’t for them.


There was no way everything I shared was going to be applicable to every woman in the room.

I knew:

  1. Some things were going to serve as a reminder.
  2. Somethings were going to be new and needed information.
  3. Some were for the sweet sister sitting next to her.
  4. Some were going to be a clear to-do item from the Lord.

When I prayed, I asked the Lord to give each woman ONE take-away from our time together.

Just one.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a lot of different retreats and conferences, and I often leave with pages and pages of notes, mentally and physically drained, and just plain overwhelmed.

I’ve started asking the Lord to give me one thing from each session, each workshop, each teaching.

Sometimes He gives me more, and sometimes I leave wondering if that was just for the sister in the seat next to me.

As you attend conferences and retreats, I encourage you to ask God to give you ONE thing to remember and act on.

As you pray for the women who will attend your conferences and retreats, ask the Lord to give them ONE thing to remember too.

Consider how many times God used one thing to impact people in the Bible. One stone to the head killed Goliath. One virgin girl named Mary gave birth to a baby Jesus. One man named Noah to build an ark. One death on a cross to cancel out our sins.

All it takes is one thing.

What are your tips for avoiding overload at retreats and conferences?

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