Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and your church may be hosting a Valentine’s Banquet or Couples Dinner this year.

Looking for a creative, fun way to entertain your guests for the evening? I’ve got you covered!

Remember the Newlywed Game and the crazy questions contestants answered? This game is a twist on that once popular show. We take married couples (Not-so Newlywed), divide them up, and try to get them to match their spouses answers to questions about their marriage.

Our attendees got a big kick out of seeing some of the well-known couples from our church up on the stage. We were impressed by the answers that matched and shared many laughs over those that didn’t.

Our evening began with an Italian dinner catered from a local restaurant. Dinner was followed by the “show” and a couple shared a devotional to end the evening. To be honest, the devotional wasn’t really needed. The “show” can stand on its own as your program for the event.

I’ve revised the script we created for our church a few years ago.

Click The Notso Newlywed Script to open the free PDF.

Please feel free to edit it as needed for your audience.

A few suggestions:

  1. Recruit your couples in advance. Assure them that the questions will be rated G.
  2. Select a host that can appropriately adlib and have fun with the role.
  3. Give your host the script in advance. Do not give the questions or the script to your couples.
  4. If you choose to change up the questions – please keep them rated G – not only will your pastor be pleased, but you won’t risk alienating members of your own church. If there’s any doubt, err on the side of caution.
  5. Cover the cost of the evening for the participating couples and host. A little thank you gift is always a good idea too.

Please let me know if you host your own Not-so Newlywed Game. I’d love to hear how it turns out!

If you’ve done something similar – please share your ideas too!

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